Laura Slater on Swedish defence- and security policy debate

Acker SlaterThis is a series of three radio shows recorded with Bruce Acker, the former U.S. Defense Attaché to Sweden. Over the course of the three episodes we discuss the Russian military exercises over the Baltic, the one week debate and over all ideas about the structure of Swedish defense

Episode one

Episode two

Episode three

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En kommentar till Laura Slater on Swedish defence- and security policy debate

  1. Neo skriver:

    Dear Ms Slater.

    I got somewhat disappointed in the 8.28 min. I expected more then just hearing things iam already aware of. I think that he moslty just stated facts that most people with some insight knows. So to make the show better i think that some sharper questions, that really challenge Mr Ackers intellect would be in place.

    Anyways allways intresting to hear someone from another country, raised in a different way to think and slove problems to share his thoughts on our issues. So iam looking forward to the next show.

    Regards /Neo


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